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"I had an emergency today and the Captain’s - M&M Office and Driver were great arranging the last minute pick up and getting me to the airport   The Captain’s - M&M Driver even stayed and waited at the airport to make sure I would make the flight.   Most companies won’t make the extra effort but Captain’s - M&M does."


-Long Time Customer

 Jupiter, FL


"Switching from my current company to Captain’s - M&M After My Previous Company Failed To Show Up. Captain’s - M&M Did With Short Notice."


-New Customer

 Wellington, FL

Captain’ - M&Ms takes pride since 1980 in providing ground transportation to and from All South Florida Seaports,  from Palm Beach County including Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale Seaport), Port Miami (Miami Seaport), Port Palm Beach) Palm Beach Seaport) and Port Canaveral (North Florida).


Seaport Departure Service is simply taking you to the seaport.  Most pick up times are between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm so you arrive in time for lunch. There is a 15 minute grace period from the scheduled pick up time. Any waiting time beyond that will be charged at the vehicle wait time hourly rate plus driver gratuity.


Seaport Arrival Service is simply meeting your arriving cruise ship and giving you a ride from the seaport. Your vehicle is dispatched according to the established pickup time. You should expect an email or text message to your cell phone with the driver’s contact information. When you are ready for departure from the ship with your luggage, contact your driver who is waiting in a special waiting area provided by the Seaport. Your driver will pull up in front of the Cruise Ship. Look For The Captain’s - M&M Front License Plate For Your Vehicle.


Note: For assurance purpose, we are expecting to hear from you within the 15 minutes before or after the actual scheduled time. If you need extra time please call us at 800-634-7890. Your vehicle will be released and the reservation converted to a No-Show if there is no contact from you 45 minutes after the actual scheduled time.  A Waiting Charge May Apply.

How To Schedule Your Arrival Time


Captains’ - M&M normally schedules the Cruise Ship Arrival Pick Up time to be 9:30 am in the morning. However, you may want an earlier time if:


Express Walk Off – For those passengers participating in this program please advise us so we schedule you for an earlier pick up time. Normally you must wait for the ship to be cleared by the local authorities and the Express Walk Off announcement has been made. Normally this pick up time is 7:30 am.


Early Morning Breakfast – For those passengers participating in the early morning breakfast program please advise us so we can schedule you for the earlier pick up tine. Normally this pick up time is 8:30 am.


Regular Departure From Ship – Normally this pick up time is 9:30 am.


Any difficulties locating your driver please call the Captain’s - M&M Call Center at 800-634-7890 for assistance.