Posted June 16 – Palm Beach Post

On Wednesday, Spirit Airlines made a deal with its pilots that will end their strike. They said they would fly again starting on Friday 6/18. Everything prior to that has been cancelled. Spirit carries roughly 16,000 passengers per day, or about one percent of the nation’s air traffic. Its hub is in Ft. Lauderdale, with flights to US cities including Detroit and Atlantic City, NJ, as well as the Caribbean and Latin America.

Spirit pilots were negotiating for more than 3 years before the strike started Saturday morning. The union said first officers lagged their counterparts at other discount airlines like JetBlue and AirTran.  The pilots were hoping to make a substantial step forward to correct that. The union’s Master Executive Council has agreed to send the tentative agreement to pilots for a vote, but this won’t be final until they approve it. A vote is expected in July

Taken from the PB Post : posted 6/16/2010