With all the different options of car services out there you may not know which go with. However, a private car service is more than just a car service. It ensures your safety and a clean vehicle. While many of the rid sharing apps have safe drivers who maintain their vehicles, everyone knows at least one person who has a horror story using these apps. This is before we even think about the scary stuff we see about them on the news. When it comes down to it, you want a car service that is going to make you the most comfortable, and that’s exactly what M&M Car Service’s private car service will do. Whether you are traveling somewhere new on vacation or for a business trip, make sure you’re in the best hands when it comes to travel.

Personal Safety

The importance of safety goes without saying, although, it never hurts to talk more about safety. Too many of the ride-sharing apps these days promote safety yet do not follow through with the necessary precautions it takes to keep riders safe. Precautions such as extensive and regular background checks. Here at M&M Car Service, we do background checks on all of our drivers to ensure you are riding with people who will have your best interest at heart. We understand how getting in a car with a stranger can be unsettling, especially if alone, but that it sometimes is unavoidable. In these situations going with a private car service can help ease any anxiety or stress you feel. We also promote safety by having our drivers go through training. While this may sound unnecessary, it isn’t to us. We want our drivers to know exactly how to operate the car safely so you can feel relaxed riding with us.

Navigation and Dependability

An issue many have with ride-sharing apps but not with private car services is navigation and dependability. When you book your private car service you get to pick a date and a time for when the driver is to pick you up. There is no opening an app, ordering a ride, then potentially being canceled on or waiting extensive time for the driver. Our drivers come to your location on time. They also are knowledgeable about the surrounding area and can ensure you get to your destination smoothly and on time. Too often than not do people go with ride-sharing apps and end up having to instruct the driver on where to go. This entirely defeats the purpose of using a car service. Being in this situation becomes especially bad when you’re in a rush to get to something work-related on time.

Luxury Meets Service

Something we pride ourselves on is having vehicles that are in good condition and are properly maintained. Going with a car service means that after every ride you can expect the cars to be cleaned. The same cannot be said for the popular ride-sharing apps. These cars belong to the people who are driving you, meaning it’s up to them to keep them maintained for their passengers. While some people may keep their cars cleaned, it can’t always be expected as there is no way for the app to check that the car is clean. With M&M Car Services, you can expect good service as well. Our staff is chosen because of their positive attitude, so you will not have to worry about a lack of professionalism when you go with a private car service.

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For your next vacation or business trip,  be sure to go with a company you can trust. Going with a company such as M&M Car Service can ensure you are safe, reduce any stress about timeliness, and will guarantee a luxurious car and a driver with great customer service. Don’t go with a ride-sharing app that you can’t trust, one that can make you late to your destination and put your safety at risk. Both risks, that just aren’t worth it. To learn more about M&M Car Service, or to book your private car service, give us a call today at (561) 488-6014. We are looking forward to assisting you!