Traveling to a new city can be hard. Reaching any place urgently or on time is impossible since you don’t know the city well, adding more to an already stressful situation. Each commute wears you down, robbing you of the ability to enjoy the trip. If you want to avoid such situations, you should consider the chauffeured limo services, like the ones offered by private transport companies. 

If you are completely new to a city and have a lot to do in a short duration, we suggest going for hourly car services. Boca Raton is a city that has a lot to offer, and if you are traveling here, going for hourly car rental services would benefit you in more ways than one. Here are 8 benefits of renting an hourly-based car and why you should choose this option!

  1. Saves time

No one likes waiting long hours for public transport. Walking to bus stations, subways and taxis can be hectic, but if you’ve got a rental service that would save your time, then why not choose that instead? Taking public transport makes you worry whether you would reach on time or not. Missing a bus would throw your schedule off, and it would be a problem if you get late for something important. Renting a car means you won’t have to rely on public transport and travel in your own time and according to your plan.

  1. It’s cost-effective.

Instead of losing money that could be spent on more worthwhile things in the city, only pay for the time you need transport. Hourly car rental services allow you to do that. 

  1. There are no taxis around

There are some areas where finding taxis is worrying in itself. Areas, such as the suburbs away from the city, have fewer taxis, and if you’re planning to visit one, renting a car would be a better option. Also, during different times of the day, the amount of taxis available varies. You probably have been skipping late-night events due to the unavailability of taxis, but you don’t have to anymore! You can now get hourly car rental services and drive to the event yourself.

  1. Door-to-door transportation

Even public transport has its limit. Public transports have their common stops, and from there you would have to walk to where you need to go. Rental car services eliminate this, and you can go to your desired destination directly.

  1. Safety

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a public health crisis, we need to take the precautions required before planning anything. Traveling in crowded public transport is a lot more difficult now than it used to be before. Traveling alone in your private car is now a safer option for people because public transport can put you at risk of infection. But what about people who don’t own cars? Quality transport companies like M&M Limo & Airport Service have started providing disinfected and sanitized cars as per CDC guidelines to keep travelers safe.

  1. Freedom to plan

There are days when you have more than one appointment. Finding a taxi or bus stop every time would waste not only take a lot of time but also your energy. With renting a car, you can go about your day according to your schedule rather than planning your day around the availability of public transport.

  1. A better ride

Instead of driving an old, outdated car, be driven around in a stylish sedan or luxury SUV, equipped with the latest technology. With hourly rental car services, you can call for a luxury car and experience quality transport with high levels of comfort. If you want your kids to enjoy the ride, you can even book a car with a screen in the back for kids to watch movies on.

  1. Don’t have to buy a car

If you’re having an event with many people or have family visiting and want to take everyone out to dinner but don’t have a second car. In this scenario, the solution is to call for an hourly car rental service. This way, you can save some money by reserving a car instead of buying a new bigger car for your extended family visiting. Also, a car of any size could be rented — sedan, SUV, Van, limousine, according to your need.

Is it worth it?

It has become so easy to rent a car. All you have to do is contact the transport company or visit their website and they will make an online reservation, and you’re good to go! Happy travels!