The Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the London Eye, Niagara Falls, the Trevi Fountain… a little googling confirms that these bastions of the beaten path rank high on the “top romantic travel destinations” or “best places to pop the question” lists that invariably pop up at this time of year. Of course these are all beautiful spots, embedded in our collective imaginations thanks in great part to movie magic–they are also devastatingly overrun.

Instead of seeking out a landmark as the backdrop for a romantic adventure, why not a good love story instead?

Each of these nine places harbors an irresistible legend of love or romance–even if you aren’t in seduction mode, they are worth a visit. If your motives are more sentimentally inclined, a trip like this might just seal the deal.

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Copied from the Huffington Post – 2/05/11