Travel is a luxury we should all enjoy. Whether you’re going to Montana to visit your relatives, or Morocco to explore a new culture, it allows you to get out of your comfort zone and experience somewhere new. Of course, there are a few stressors involved with traveling, like packing and making it to the airport in time. The good news is when you need a transportation service in Boca Raton, you can always rely on M&M Limo & Airport Service. Our shuttle will get you to and from the airport, whether you are going to Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami International Airport. Don’t worry about the hassle of driving, dealing with traffic, and paying a premium to park in the airport garage. We’ll gladly take these burdens off your shoulders.

But what about the other burdens that cause significant stress? We’ve found that the best solution to making it to the airport without a hitch is planning and organization.

Pack Early

The most efficient travelers will tell you that your greatest ally is early packing – do so at least two days before your scheduled flight. Don’t pack the day of your flight for obvious reasons. Not only will packing early help you remember everything you need, but if you’re carrying check-on luggage, you can verify your luggage’s weight meets the standards for the airline you are flying on.

We recommend packing early and leaving your luggage by the front door the night before. That way, when it’s time to leave, all you need to grab is your phone (and purse). 

Pack for Airport Security

Pack for security? Yes, this is (or should be) a thing. We can’t help you with the long lines, but there are a few essential items that will get you through security when it’s your time to act. Never forget:

  • Slip on shoes (shoelaces will slow you down)
  • Reusable toiletry bags (you don’t want to be stopped and have your bags searched for any reason, legitimate or otherwise)
  • Laptop cases

You are sure to slip through security with these essential items.

Pack Personal Info Separately

Lines will go a lot smoother if you pack your crucial documents, such as your license, passport (or other form of identification), and credit card in a separate wallet or travel pouch. If you printed out your boarding pass the night before, stash it along with these documents. This a proven method to prevent unnecessarily searching for each document when you are called up in line and it ensures you have everything you need.

Check Your Flight Status

In the haste of taking care of everything we can control, it is not uncommon to forget a few of the things we can’t, such as an unexpected change in flight. A good rule is to check your flight status the night before, then again just before you leave the house. Flying can be stressful as is. You don’t need to compound it by avoiding this one tip only to discover that you’re at the airport several hours early or your flight was canceled.

Check-in Online

This is another tip that is too easy not to do and can save you a lot of time at the airport. The airline you’re flying with will send an email notification when it is time to check in to your flight. By checking in online and having your boarding pass emailed to you, you won’t have to stand in line and wait for an available kiosk to print out your boarding pass. A bonus is you get the opportunity to select your seat early and better secure the spot you want.

Arrive Early

The general rule of thumb is to arrive at the airport roughly two hours before your plane departs, or three hours when flying internationally. This gives you enough cushioning for unexpected issues such as traffic and will give you enough time to go through security and to board. 

When you contact our team, we guarantee we will get you there safely and as quickly as possible.

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