The pandemic changed the way people are moving around, focusing on reducing exposure to transportation with others. The best example of this is with riding-sharing services, where demand fell by 58%. 

Respondents said they were concerned about not having a vehicle that was clean and safe for their health. People were more willing to pay higher prices to ensure their safety in these areas. There are other reasons why choosing the right transportation service in Boca Raton is weighing on their decisions. These reasons show how the mindset of people is changing in the post-pandemic world and what factors matter to them the most.  


A significant complaint about ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft is the prices increase at select times of the day. It is usually during periods where there are substantial amounts of traffic and more demand for their services. 

Riders are surprised when they assume that taking one of these services will be cheaper, but in reality, they cost more money. Things become worse when there are traffic jams, and you are forced to sit there to get to a particular location. 

Using a transportation service in Boca Raton that provides upfront prices is the best option. If you are going to a major sporting event and there is a lot of traffic. 

You can save time, money, and stress by using a shuttle in Boca Raton that takes you to the event. 

Uber and Lyft will cost you more money, and it is not as comfortable as these solutions. The quoted price is consistent with what you will pay regardless of the traffic conditions, events, times, and days. 

Newer Vehicles

Anyone can drive for riding-sharing companies by passing a background check, having a valid driver’s license, and a Social Security number.  The vehicle must be 2002 or newer, and the individual does not go through drug testing or must have a commercial driver’s license. 

These factors mean that when you are using a ride-sharing company, you are riding in someone’s vehicle. It is not as luxurious, and they don’t meet the same qualifications as professional drivers with a transportation service in Boca Raton

These issues make you feel like you are getting less than what you paid for and lack professionalism. Those who work with a certified shuttle service in Boca Raton know how to make the trip special. 

You are not riding in somebody’s car but have an up-to-date vehicle with a driver that knows what they are doing. They are well trained, screened harder, and go through rigorous standards to drive you around. 

Ride-sharing companies only require their drivers to meet the minimum and don’t ask any other questions.  


Safety is critical when selecting a transportation service in Boca Raton from a personal and vehicle standpoint. Ride-sharing companies only screen their applicants up to a point and don’t look at any other factors. 

You are giving out personal information they can use against you in the future or bring harm to you, such as your home address. A report by CNN found that Uber had 103 drivers who were accused of sexual assault or abuse. These companies are working on dealing with the issues, but they don’t have their drivers go through the same standards as the drivers here at M&M Limo & Airport. 

A professional transportation firm makes sure that there are no issues in the driver’s background and protects your privacy. 

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