Drive Customer Vehicle Program

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Want to go up North in Your Own Car but don’t want to do the driving?
Want to come back South in your own car but don’t want to do the driving?
Let us Drive You North, or Bring you South in one of our Luxury Sedans or SUV’s

Driving Your Vehicle or One of Ours, To or From Florida

12 Hours per day Travel Time
  • Customer/passenger pays $54.00 an hour, INCLUDES TIP TO THE DRIVER
  • Customer/passenger pays fuel charges and any toll charges
  • Customer/passenger pays for flight or transportation for drive to your pick up location (if no flights, then car rental fee will apply)
  • Customer/passenger picks up driver or you, either at your location airport or your home
  • Customer/passenger pays hotel accommodations if not departing until next day
  • Captain’s – M&M pays to have driver brought to airport in Florida or home in Florida
  • Captain’s – M&M pays to have driver returned to their home upon arrival back
  • If final destination is more than 12 hours from pick up, customer/passenger pays overnight accommodation for the driver
All drivers are licensed by Palm Beach County Safety Division Department of Consumer Affairs & FBI background checked.
100% Deposit up-front is required.
Our driver must be added to your insurance for the vehicle we are driving.


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