At M&M Limo Airport Service, we want to thank the repeat customers who have used our transportation services in the past years. This holiday season, we are offering special occasion limo prices in Boca Raton! We welcome our clients to celebrate their New Year in style with us. When celebrating your holidays, it is important to feel comfortable and appreciate what the past year has brought and look forward to what the next year holds. No need to be thinking about traffic, parking, and a reliable ride.

For smaller groups, we have a luxury town car package for four passengers and under. For only $260 you have four hours with one of our luxury cars. Not to mention, you will get picked up and dropped off safely. You and three of your close friends do not want to miss out on our special occasion limo prices in Boca Raton. For only $65 dollars per guest, you can guarantee a stress-free night!

For medium size groups, we offer the luxury SUV package for only $425! You and five of your closest friends or family members can enjoy the night. There is no need to worry about gas stops because you are guaranteed five hours and gas stops throughout the evening. Regardless of where your party is, you can have a great evening. For only a little over $70 dollars each, you can start your year off in good spirits with our special occasion limo prices in Boca Raton.

For larger groups, the best offer available is our van package for you and nine friends. You will have a blast with five hours to burn on a night around the town. For $450 total, you and each of your friends will only have to pay $45 each for a luxury chauffeured van ride around the city! Regardless of your party location, your friends and yourself will have a safe and sophisticated evening.

If you were interested in our special occasion limo prices in Boca Raton, please act fast! Our special occasion limo prices are a hot commodity. Meaning, we have a limited availability. Contact us at (561) 488-6014 for any questions or concerns!