When planning for a vacation, there are many things to keep in mind, and one of the important ones is transport. The best option would be to get gives you the authority to go about in the city you’re visiting without having to wait for public transport. Public transport ends up being much more expensive. Hiring a chauffeured car is more convenient than paying for a taxi or walking to places. If you’re planning on visiting Florida to celebrate and are in search of birthday car quotes, Boca Raton offers a great variety. You will find a quality car rental service like M&M Limo & Airport Service with quotes here. 

New to renting cars from the airport? Here are 9 clever tips to help you save money and make your first experience renting easier and smoother.

  1. Check your insurance

Rental services would try many tactics to sell you their insurance plans, and most of the time, they keep trying even after you have declined their offer. In this case, call up your insurance company, especially Americans with auto insurance policies, and this thankfully covers all collision and liability costs. Please get in touch with your insurance provider to check what costs they are covering and not paying extra to rental services for their insurance when you’ve already got one.

  1. Rent it with your credit card

Rent your car with a credit card. Especially credit cards that provide primary rental insurance. When traveling, make sure you keep your travel credit cards this way; you get a primary coverage of up to $75,000 anywhere in the world. This way, you’ll save a lot of additional cost of renting a car.

  1. Read reviews

Read some reviews for the service before you hire it. Visit their website and check what reviews past customers have given. See the ratings first, and only spend money when you’re sure of the service. 

  1. Stick to one driver

The more drivers you want, the more rental services would charge. Additional drivers would be charged, and you don’t want to spend all your budget on renting, do you? Hire a chauffeured vehicle so no one has to drive and everyone can have a great time during their trip.

  1. Don’t get GPS

Always make sure you have all the extra essentials when you’re traveling. I say this because Rental companies would try to sell you extras such as GPS. To save some money, you could always use Google maps on your phone to find ways. You’re going to end up saving $10 to $15 a day if you use maps instead.

  1. One way costs more

If you sign a contract of picking up the car and dropping it off, the total cost will come up to be more affordable rather than just picking up and not dropping the car off to the rental company. Arrange your trips accordingly to save money. Sometimes, it is unavoidable, and in that case, keep in mind that you’ll have to incur that additional cost.

  1. Fill the tank up yourself before you return.

Again for our convenience, the rental service would fill up the tank once you return the car, but that too comes with extra charges. Always take time, go to a local gas station, and fill up the tank yourself before driving the car back to the rental company. Such companies tend to charge way more than local gas stations do.

  1. Airport rent a car may be a lot more expensive.

Renting from the airport can cost a lot more, and they charge a premium. It is convenient to pick up a rental car right after your flight and drop it off right before departure. But this convenience comes with a price; therefore, I suggest doing your research and finding out the prices of renting a car outside the airport to make the best decision.

You’ll learn with experience!

Renting a car is always convenient, but it will be a lot more cost-effective once you note all the extra costs that rental companies can trick you into paying. Always do your research and ask questions from the locals to find the best and most affordable rented car for you.