The excitement that comes when you book a flight to go to another place for vacation is exhilarating. You are hopeful that your trip will be fun. Then, later on you get a little stressed because of the chaos and busyness you find at the airport.

Here are eight travel savvy airport tips from M & M Limo and Airport Service to help you have a better experience:

  1. Travel during the middle of the week. That is when the airports are less crowded. The prices are cheaper during midweek. Usually, the best air fares for both domestic and international flights fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Most travelers choose to depart on the weekends.
  2. Check in Online. Save yourself the hassle of having to wait in line at the airport to check in and get your boarding pass there; check in online. When you check in online, you can and should print your boarding pass. If you cannot print out your boarding pass, then send a mobile boarding pass to your smartphone.
  3. Dress smartly. Don’t wear too much jewelry. Pack up most of your jewelry in your luggage. Try to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and slip off.
  4. Know your rights if your luggage is lost. Educate yourself on the policies and procedures needed for if you cannot find your luggage or you lose it. It has been heard from many that a lost bag is actually just a delayed luggage. It was loaded onto a different flight and sent to a different destination. The most important action you should take if your bag doesn’t arrive to your baggage claim or comes damaged is report it immediately to the airline. File a formal report and get a copy of the report for yourself. Be sure to get a phone number from the airline to follow up on the situation. Furthermore, don’t feel shy about asking for reimbursement for emergency costs. The airline representative is permitted to cover some of your additional expenses while your luggage is being tracked down.
  5. Arrive early to the airport. This is the key to a successful travel day. It is highly recommended by most airlines that you arrive to the airport at least one to two hours before your scheduled flight time. That is enough time for you to check in your luggage, pass through the TSA security lines, and grab a bite to snack on before you get on the plane. It gives you plenty of time for anything you may need to do before you board the plane itself.
  6. Know how to use the airport WiFi appropriately. The airport WiFi is public. It is unprotected, meaning any personal information inputted or retrieved from your phone, laptop, or tablet can be seen/tracked. You can use the WiFi at the airport to stream a movie or search the internet. However, you risk losing your Facebook or Twitter password or even banking information to a hacker if you open any of those personal accounts on your electrical devices at the airport.
  7. Be patient as you walk the airport security line. Everyone dreads the security lines, but it is protocol. You need to have your ID ready. Unless you are a member of an Expedited Screening program, you will need to remove your shoes, your belt, your jacket and any kinds of heavy weight jewelry. Just be patient and follow the procedures. You will not feel stressed or worried about missing your flight, if you have arrived early to the airport. Always browse using a secure (SSL) connection.
  8. Don’t waste your time in the long customer service line. Instead, use your smartphone to help you check certain information. You can use your smartphone to check your flight status, check your gate information, and check into your flight. If there is any problems or issues, use your phone to call your airline’s customer service number. You don’t have to speak to an actual person at the airport. Just talk to someone from the airlines on your phone. It’s much easier. Also, some airline have apps you can download. If your airline has an app, download it and use it to your advantage.

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