What are your goals for 2015? Some people are hoping to eat better and hit the gym. Others want to travel to a new city or learn a new skill. Some want to land their dream job or start a family.

One goal that everyone should have for this upcoming year is avoid getting a DUI. There are few things that can ruin your life like being charged with driving under the influence and hiring a car service in Boca Raton is a great way to stay out of trouble after a night on the town. Some think that they can have a few drinks and drive home without a problem but most have no clue how close they are to being over the legal limit of .08%. For those under 21 years old, that limit drops to .02%. Driving after drinking is never a smart idea, no matter what the situation. The number of car accidents and fatalities caused by drunk driving are heartbreaking so take advantage of the top limo service in Boca Raton, M&M Limo & Airport Service!

How bad is a DUI? If it’s your first offense, plan on paying heavy fines and lawyer fees as well as losing your license for six months. Compared to the sometimes tens of thousands of dollars someone can spend fighting a DUI, the cost of hiring an expert car service in Boca Raton seems more than reasonable to get home safely. If you’ve already had a DUI on your record, the penalties could go well beyond just fines and community service. You could actually spend time in jail depending on factors such as how high your blood alcohol level actually was and other pertinent details. Regardless of the severity of your case, any DUI is going to be an indelible black mark on someone’s record. Years of being a model citizen can be wiped away in an instant when you make the poor decision to drive impaired.

Thousands of people are charged with DUI every year in South Florida and only hiring a professional limousine service in Boca Raton can prevent you from becoming another drunk driving statistic. M&M Limo & Airport Service, Inc., a woman-owned limo company, delivers the highest level of personal chauffeured limo service to all clients. We deliver premium point-to-point transportation, with unparalleled attention to detail, chauffeur courtesy, extraordinary customer convenience and satisfaction. Your safety is our top priority. Call M&M Limo & Airport Service and schedule your ride today!