If you’re someone who’s looking to hire a corporate fleet, it must have crossed your mind to look into corporate cars. People usually don’t talk about these corporate cars a lot. They can be limousines, Escalades, or highly-priced saloon cars, and hiring companies keep them in the perfect state. A corporate automobile or a car in a corporate fleet is one that companies use to move their employees and clients around. These cars are properly maintained and have comprehensive records regarding their upkeep. If you want to transport your clients and employees in prime condition, consider hiring corporate cars.  

Most of these transfers tend to happen to and from airports. Thus, it’s necessary to know about the corporate car services you have available to you from this location. If you work in the corporate sector, chances are, you’ve traveled in one of these cars. You don’t have to wonder about these cars anymore, because you can rent them for your company. They have a pretty robust market around them. So, there are renters from whom you can rent cars for the right price. The service may be a little more expensive than other cars. However, it’s also more sophisticated, and if your company is a new entrant, you can make a good impression on your clients.

In the article below, we’ll look into corporate cars, why you should rent them, and what to look into when you do.

Why You Should Rent Corporate Cars

Corporate cars are cars that corporations hire to transport people from one place to another. These people may be their clients or their employees etc. Corporations understand that the cars they use are a direct reflection of their company. This fact means they must ensure that the rental company they’re using maintain the cars impeccably. 

These rental companies have all kinds of cars. They have vehicles for bureaucrats and government officials as well as cars for companies. You can rent these cars, too. However, you should conduct thorough research before you leap. If your company has a wide array of clients, like government officials, etc., you should hire a corporate car company, preferably one that can pick your clients from the airport. 

Corporate cars are well-maintained compared to cars you would rent from an individual or an external company. However, it would be best if you still tried to get a reasonable price for them. There are factors which you must look at, such as:

  • Price
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Maintenance 
  • Company Reputation 
  • Presence on Airport 

Are Some Corporate Cars Better Than Others? 

Yes, a corporate fleet has all kinds of cars, from cars used by rental companies to cars used by government officials. There are nuances when it comes to corporate cars as well. Rental companies tend to hold on to cars for a longer time, so you will have trouble finding cars that are less than a year old or have less mileage.  Rental car drivers also abuse cars without responsibility, and this may hold a problem. 

Clarify what you need in an automobile for hire with the rental company beforehand. You should also ensure that you conduct a thorough evaluation of the car in the corporate fleet before you hire the company. 

There are those cars which people have handled much more kindly who are in the top-tiers of corporations. You can ask the rental company for a car of this kind. 

Checklist for Corporate Cars

If you’ve decided on renting a corporate car for your company, you’ll have to look out for some things. We’ve prepared a checklist so you can judge if a car is a right fit for your company:

1.  Inspect the Car

You can’t inspect the car yourself if you don’t know enough about automobiles. Thus, in all cases, you should ask a mechanic to inspect the cars and inform you of their opinion. Make sure the mechanic you are hiring has no connection to the rental company. 

2. Look at the Vehicle’s History

You’ll be happy to know that rental companies are obligated to have all the documents of each car, which means you have easy access to a record for maintenance. Through this documentation, you can understand the quality of the car and if it will hold to its reputation. 

3. Conduct a Test Drive

This item may seem like the most obvious one. However, test drives are the most fool-proof way of knowing if a car is ideal for your company’s use. 

Final Thoughts 

Corporate cars are a perfect option if you’re looking into cars to use for your company. These cars are properly maintained while also having a history of maintenance. They can be a little more expensive, but they are available. They are also a clinical way to transport important clients. They are worth the extra time and money. 

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