Who finds this time of year quite interesting in the world of sports? Why do you ask? Very simply, it’s the end of June, and the NBA and NHL playoffs just ended, NFL training camps don’t open for a month or so, and even baseball diehards like myself find the day to day “marathon” that baseball is, just a little bit tedious in this hot weather here in beautiful South Florida.

So you ask, what are us sports aficionados watching on a daily basis??? Would you believe World Cup Soccer?? Just check out any of the many sports bars here in Boca Raton, and you’ll see fans of the different countries cheering wildly in their favorite tee shirts and jerseys, eating way too much (which is really quite good in this economy, no?), cheering even louder than an hour ago, and sometimes even drinking just a few too many of their favorite beverages!! So, just in case, you want to enjoy the latest World Cup game, and don’t want to be concerned with getting home safely, you can set up your return home by calling M&M Airport Service, and speak with one of their representatives.

M&M Airport Service would be more than happy to make sure you get home safely, after watching another heart wrenching World Cup game. Call (561) 488-6014, and transportation arrangements will gladly be made for you. Of course if your team has lost and is eliminated, we also can drive you to the airport, and you can head out of town on the first plane out of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach. (M&M also gladly accepts credit cards, just in case you were curious).

Just remember, it’s only another 4 years to World Cup again.

Written by Alan Gee –